DQ model of three phase induction motor simulate faults

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i build the mathematical model for the induction motor using ABC to DQ equation
now I have difficulty to simulate faults like broken bar or short circuit fault in stator winding..
how i can do it in simulink ?
I would be grateful for your help
shubhranshu sharma
shubhranshu sharma on 28 Sep 2021
if any one did stator fault of IM in simulink please send.i will be very gratefull to you.thanks
i am also trying but facing difficulty. please send to- shubhranshusharma23@gmail.com
BIPIN BIPIN on 17 Nov 2022
Please send me also. I am also facing difficulty. bky4496@gmail.com

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 21 Nov 2022
You should use simscape models instead of simulink models, or you should derive a simulink model that is specifically designed the type of faults you want to inject. d/q transformations limit the types of faults that you can model, and equations typically change once a fault is injected so you will often need multiple sets of equations. Simscape models will support a set of predefined faults so that you are less likely to need a custom model, but not all possible faults can be included, so you have to read the documentaiton for the specific component that you are interested in.




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