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Uniform Color Extraction from Image

I have a image with multiple colors.I need to extract individual color by suppressing the other color.I mean, if image consist of different color balls and in that one color ball(say yellow or red etc)i need to extract(display) by suppressing remaining color balls. Like that all color balls i need to display separately.
Does any one know please suggest me how to implement this or any MATLAB code?
Thank You


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 10 Dec 2012
 Accepted Answer

Have you tried my color segmentation tutorials: ?


I tried but its not giving clear output for my requirement. I tried with color based segmentation using K means clustering, here i am getting better result.
Thank You Sir.
OK - k-means is good if your colors vary from image to image. You know how many colors there should be but you don't have consistent colors, due to varying illumination, varying object colors, or some other reason. Here's the Mathworks demo on it:

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