How to recognize huge letters using OCR?

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RM on 4 Jul 2020
Answered: Vimal Rathod on 7 Jul 2020
Hello, everyone,
right now I'm trying to identify rather large letters in a picture. No problem for the human brain, but apparently not so easy for Matlab. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one picture (you will find some more attached):
As you can see, the text is actually very easy to recognize. In addition, you can bring in as prior knowledge that no 0 and 8 and no "B, J, O, P, Q" can occur. Otherwise only capital letters are possible. The letters always have the same size.
Maybe the contrast in the picture is not very good, but maybe you know other ways to extract the text from this picture? I also have the impression that the OCR function in Matlab only searches for very small texts. I have not found a way to set a font size for text recognition? My approaches with the ocrTrainer were unfortunately also not successful because the segmentation did not work.
Thanks for any help and best regards!

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 7 Jul 2020
You could refer to the following link to know more about how to use the OCR function and it also has some pre-processing techniques discussed to read characters properly. You may have to use pre-processing to make sure the algorithm could read text properly.


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