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How to avoid Main file and interface file system for Code Generation ?

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Case 1. We are working on a modular function model (separate .slx for each component), so when we generate a code for model all model having ert_main.c file.
  • How to avoid ert_main.c file getting generated during code generation
  • While generating code for multiple model, while integration file name needs to be different
Case 2. When we uncheck model settings -> Code generation -> templated -> Generate an example main program, ert_main.c file is not generating but instead rtmodel.h file got generating
  • Is above configuration is correct method ?
  • How to avoid rtmodel.h getting generated.
Case 3. How to avoid modelname_types.h file ?
  • This file was included in model.h file creating a dependency.
Basically we would like generate code as much as possible in single main & header file.

Accepted Answer

Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat on 16 Jun 2020
settings -> Code generation -> templated -> Generate an example main program is the correct way of disabling the generate main.
If you are looking to generate few files then please experiment with the below setting :
Code generation->Code placement->File Packaging Format
Change this from Modular to Compact
This setting will generate fewer files compare to the previous.
Please read about "File Packaging" in the documentation you your release version.
You can invoke the document for your release using the below command :
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Sabarirajan on 16 Jun 2020
Thanks for the responce,
File Packaging set to Compact (Spearate date file).
  • How to design a model such a way to eliminate dependancy with modelname_types.h file.
  • In my current generated code, modelname_types.h file contains only pragma directives (3 lines), no model struct
Note: All Inport / Outport signals and parameter are Storage class (Exporttofile) with specific .c and .h filename

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