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hello guys i really need help in deep learning which tring to train the model on cpu and gpu lab computer is so far away from my country can i access my gpu lab computer with my matlab is there any solutions to get gpu for training how to access gpu

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i wanted to train my model in deep learning
i have gpu computer in my lab that's so far away rom my country lab is in china
can i access my chinese lab computer gpu in my matlab
or is there any other resources to aceess gpu third party

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 1 Jun 2020
You can use a tool like Remote Desktop (Windows) or a similar tool on Linux (VNC, ssh) to connect to the computer if you are allowed to do so, using whatever tools your lab provides (likely some sort of VPN connection).
You can then start MATLAB on your remote machine and it can access the GPU.
ishfaq ahmad
ishfaq ahmad on 9 Jun 2020
I really appreciate your response and need how to connect responsive way yo connect with remote desktop even the Lab computer have Linux and I'm using windows And what is the purpose of VPN how can I connect Thanks again for hoping to receive your answer
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 9 Jun 2020
If you are connecting from Windows to Linux, you likely need to use a tool like VNC. There are many implementations of VNC out there, it's dependent on what Linux distro you are running as to which one you need. The way it works is that you start the VNC Server on the Linux machine somehow (it can be a daemon, you can start it via ssh, etc), and then you have a corresponding VNC client running on Windows, that you then connect the server on the Linux machine.
Where the VPN (likely) comes into play is making the connection between your local machine and the Linux machine in your lab. I'm assuming that the lab machine doesn't have a public Internet address so you need a means of getting onto your lab's network.
Note that a lot of this advice is highly dependent on the IT and network policy of your lab/organization. I'm assuming that they allow/support VNC, they have a VPN set up, they allow SSH access, etc.

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