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Problem right clicking on step plot (Control System Toolbox )

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Using the funtion step of the Control System Toolbox, I want to see the Characteristics of the plot, but right clicking on the figure the window with the opstions does not appear.
I'm on Windows 10, and I'm using MatlabR2020a

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Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 3 Jun 2020
In my opinion, try using stepplot function instead of step function. Stepplot will give you the option of seeing characteristics after you right click on the figure and not step.
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Gerardo Detta
Gerardo Detta on 4 Jun 2020
Edited: Gerardo Detta on 4 Jun 2020
I tried with Stepplot, but only appears this when i right click with the cursor "edit plot", while if i right click with non specific cursor selected, no menu appears.
Instead I want the option "characteristics"

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jugnu desi
jugnu desi on 15 Dec 2021
a simple answer to this question is create a new file with .m file, save it and run it. after your plots are poped-up. and voila you got your charcteristics option.

Hasan on 3 Feb 2023
Hello Gerardo,
Did you find the solution? I have same problem.

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