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Hello, does anyone know how I can change the symbolic output in Matlab so that matlab exactly matches my input? Currently, Matlab defines new "variables" to shorten the output.
I don't want the substitution

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 8 Jul 2020
You may use sympref function with 'AbbreviateOutput' parameter set to false to avoid the creation of new variables
syms K EI l1
K1 = [12*EI/l1^3, 6*EI/l1^2, -12*EI/l1^3, 6*EI/l1^2;
6*EI/l1^2, 4*EI/l1, -6*EI/l1^2, 2*EI/l1;
-12*EI/l1^3, -6*EI/l1^2, 12*EI/l1^3, -6*EI/l1^2;
6*EI/l1^2, 2*EI/l1, -6*EI/l1^2, 4*EI/l1;]
Refer this documentation for more information
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 Jul 2020
It works but if the expression is really long it might not work.

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