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connecting image extreme (end) boundries

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Hi, I have edge detected image. I want to connect all the pixels at extreme edges and fill the region inside, so that i have a binary mask of this image without any gaps. I used imdilate but this introduce thickness in boundries that i do not want in image. Can anyone please guide how I can do it. thanks


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 May 2020
mask = bwconvhull(mask, 'union');
or else try imclose() followed by imfill(), or try activecontour() (demo attached).

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Iram Shahzadi
Iram Shahzadi on 27 May 2020
Thanks a lot, i used bwconvhull followed activecontour and with 200 iterations and got desired results. I was able to use activecontour as I have original image from which i created edge detected image initially.

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