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Runing MATLAB on HPC and connection Status

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How I can get HPC connection status whether HPC is already connected to my system using Matlab commands?I don't want to see the Cluster profile ,just want to know the status of HPC with my system matlab.It happens that HPC is already connected but as I am not able to see connection status thus It ends with revalidation

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 26 May 2020
I believe you are asking if you already have a pool open? See the "Determine Size of Current Pool" section of the parpool documentation.
If you are looking for the number of busy workers on a cluster or something like that, you can get that information from parcluster.
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 26 May 2020
Edited: Jason Ross on 26 May 2020
  1. You don't need to validate the cluster profile to connect to the HPC cluster. Validation is a tool to see if the cluster integration is configured properly. It runs a collection of trivial task in the various modes to ensure things work. As long as you validate once successfully you don't need to do it every time (unless if you change something in the profile, the cluster changes, etc)
  2. You can open a pool with parpool (see the documentation links I provided above). You can do this directly from the command line. The default is to open a pool using whatever cluster profile is set at the default -- but there are options to do other things. See also the example in the link that will tell you how many workers you have - 0 means no active pool, some number more than that means you have a pool of that size.
  3. You can use parcluster (see doc link above) to make a connection to the cluster to check its status, running jobs, etc.
  4. You can use commands like batch to submit a job to your cluster and then return to get the results later. You can also use commands like findJob to find jobs and check their state.
Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde on 27 May 2020
This is very helpful.Thank you Jasson.

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