Does "live script" support "rotate3d" in the mlx file?

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Could I rotate my 3D figure in the live script as in a figure?
I ran
but it seems no change. My matlab version is 2019a.

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 28 May 2020
Hi Wei,
Live scripts supports the 3D-rotation of figures. One can click on the generated output figure and this makes toolbar to appear and select the ‘rotate’ tool to rotate the figure as required.
rotate3d’ command can be used to turn the mode on/off for 3D-rotation in figures. Starting in R2018b, some rotate interactions are enabled by default, regardless of the rotate mode. If you want to disable these default interactions, then use the disableDefaultInteractivity function.
For more details on ‘rotate3d’, kindly refer this documentation link.
Hope this helps!




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