Oval in a Desire Location

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Brett on 9 Nov 2012
Using PsychToolBox.
My Code: "HideCursor; screenNum=0; [window, rect] = Screen('OpenWindow', screenNum, 1); [X,Y] = RectCenter(rect); FixCross = [X-3,Y-40,X+3,Y+40;X-40,Y-3,X+40,Y+3]; Screen('FillRect',window,[200,200,200], FixCross'); disc1 = [X-80,Y-80,X+80,Y+80] Screen('FillOval',window,[169,169,0], disc1'); Screen('Flip', window);"
What I would like to do is move the oval to a location of my pleasing, however, it only ever appears in the center of the screen covering my fixation. I think it might have something to do with 'RectCenter(rect)' command, but I don't know of an alternative.
Please help, Brett

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