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printing code from 2012

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SonOfAFather on 7 Nov 2012
i am running the 2012 student edition and each time i print my script to turn it in it prints in like 18 font and outside of the print area. i have talked to my professor and he says that he has never heard of this. I know that i am not the only on in the class that has had this issue and as far as i know they copy and paste it into another doc and print it from there.
SonOfAFather on 8 Nov 2012
i am running windows 7 and am trying to print from the editor window. when i publish it i can print it just fine but my professor wants it printed with the editor print header.
Vishal Rane
Vishal Rane on 8 Nov 2012
Did you check the page setup option in the editor ? There is an option to print using either the editor or custom font. Maybe that could help.

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