getting wavelet information from wavemngr

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Eric Keller
Eric Keller on 6 Nov 2012
I would like to populate a list of wavelets for a compiled gui using wavemngr. If you call "wavemngr('read'), you have to parse the output. I was looking at the code of wavemngr to see if anything was reusable, and I find,
Wavelets_Info = getappdata(0,'Wavelets_Info');
The Wavelets_Info array of structures gives me the information I wish to know. However, I don't think this will be resident in my application.
I thought that calling wavemngr('read_struct') would give me the same thing, but it only returns the first structure, and not an array.
I was hoping to get a clue as to how the wavemenu apps do this, but the code seems intentionally obfuscated.
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Eric Keller
Eric Keller on 6 Nov 2012
don't know how I broke the code tags, is there an advanced editor that lets you see the codes?

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