matlab code doesnt work

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Bulent Baytar
Bulent Baytar on 20 May 2020
close all;
syms s t K K_t M;
K_t= 0.15;
F = 100*(1-0.3*exp(-6*t)-0.7*exp(-10*t));
%Step response of plant
F_1 = laplace(F,s);
% Finding F(s)
G_p = F_1*s;
%Plant Transfer Function
FPTF = K*G_p*1/(s*M);
%Forward Path Transfer Function
CLTF = (FPTF)/(1+(FPTF)*(K_t));
%Closed Loop Transfer Function
no error no output. I have installed control system toolbox

Answers (1)

Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 6 Aug 2020
The reason you are not able to see any output of your code is because of ';'.Semicolon suppresses the command output. So try executing it without ';' at end of transfer function lines of your code.

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