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OPP using any algorithm

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Hafeez Haimee
Hafeez Haimee on 19 May 2020
Commented: Hafeez Haimee on 19 May 2020
Good day, can I get the matlab code for this paper. Really need help for my studies. Thanks in advance.


Robert U
Robert U on 19 May 2020
Hi Hafeez Haimee,
I suggest you try to contact the author of the attached master's thesis if you would like to get insights of some of the discussed issues. Your request regarding matlab code for this paper is not specific enough plus deriving it is part of reverse engineering the content of the thesis.
Kind regards,
Hafeez Haimee
Hafeez Haimee on 19 May 2020
Alright will do. Thank you

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per isakson
per isakson on 19 May 2020
Did you check YALMIP and MATPOWER ?


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