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linear equation without coefficients

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Ana Monea
Ana Monea on 17 May 2020
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hello. so i am a beginner in matlab and i would need some help in solving a problem. I have 2 vectors x and y with 10 values each and the equation y=a*x+b. The task is to find the values for a and b. I know how to do this on paper, but i don t know how to code it. Please help.
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Ana Monea
Ana Monea on 18 May 2020
Now i understand what you were saying. I was a bit confused, but now it s clear. Thank you!

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William Alberg
William Alberg on 17 May 2020
I think the polyfit command is what you are looking for. It should work like this
k = polyfit(x,y,1)
a = k(1)
b = k(2)
William Alberg
William Alberg on 18 May 2020
I have not tried that before. But it appears that the following code works.
F = @(x,xdata) x(1)*sqrt(xdata);
c = lsqcurvefit(F,0,x,z)
It can end up in a local minimum point, so you should be aware of that


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