How to put rows of a matrix in another matrix column?

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  • Hi everyone.
I have a 243938x1 Data matrix, and what I want to do is that I want to take the first 100 data (rows) of this matrix and put it in the first column of a defined Matrix Y.
then take the second 100 data (101-200) and put it in the second column of Y, and so on, till the Y Matrix is a 100x200 matrix.
can anyone help me with that? thanks .

Accepted Answer

William Alberg
William Alberg on 16 May 2020
data = rand(243938,1); % generate test data
n = 2; % Columns in Y
Y = nan(100,n); % initiate Y
% method 1, using forloop
for i = 1:n
Y(1:100,i) = data( (1 + 100*(i-1)):(100*i));
% method 2, using reshape command
Y1 = reshape(data(1:(n*100)),[100,n]);
Here is 2 methods that scales if you want Y to have more than 2 columns
Alternatively, you can just use: Y = [data(1:100), data(101:200)]

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