Is it possible to use the extra mouse buttons to navigate Simulink? (FWD,BACK,Scroll Button)

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I'm hoping I just haven't found the spot to edit this but I've dug in pretty hard and don't see anyway to assign the "back" button (or the forward button or the scroll wheel button) on the mouse to have any kind of action in Simulink (or MATLAB). I see the check box for enable zoom with the wheel. I would have thought that the "back" action would have been automatically assigned to the "back" button on the mouse, similar to how a browser has worked sinced the inception of extra buttons on a mouse back around Y2K. Not only is it not automatically assigned, it doesn't seem to even be available in the options??? I can't think of any other modern software GUI I use (or used in the past) that didn't have this functionality. I have free text editors that let you assign the mouse buttons to shortcuts. It's 100% the most annoying thing about Simulink for me to have to travel my cursor up the the corner of the model to click back to the previous screen. Somebody PLEASE tell me I've just not been able to find this setting after using Simulink for 2 years. My sanity is at stake.

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 15 May 2020
Hi Dylan,
Currently, adding a customized mouse shortcut is not possible in Simulink. For navigating in a Simulink model, you can use ‘Esc’ button to go to parent of active subsystem or referenced model. Also, ‘Alt+Left arrow key’ and ‘Alt+Right arrow key’ can be used to navigate within the Simulink model.
For more details, please refer this documentation link on keyboard and mouse actions for Simulink Modeling.
Hope this helps!
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Dylan Sparks
Dylan Sparks on 15 May 2020
That is very unfortunate...
I see that the help function makes use of the extra mouse buttons so the developers are definitely aware that they exist but saw no reason to include them in the functionality of the main system. Wow, super easy to navigate the help function. If only the dev in charge of designing the help system was allowed to speak to the rest of the team he could have spread the good news of the recent change to the mouse of additional buttons. I am happy to report that right mouse clicks work in the main Simulink workspace just as well as it works in the help system. Somehow the news of the right mouse button didn't go unnoticed by the core team. Whew!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that Matlab2030a will include the update.

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