Matrix Guru Needed : How to compute a weighted covariance matrix fast

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I'm trying to speed up the function below and have hit a wall. It's a bog standard covariance weighting calculation but is incredibly slow because the calculation is O(n^4).
If this helps for optimisation, I actually call this at every time step of a model such that both matricies below are really of dimension [num_time, num_series, num_series] but I do a for loop over the function. I've often used the great tool below but can't see how to make this one faster
Many math thanks,
function Vw = covWeight(V,weights)
% Vw = covWeight(V,weights)
% Recompute a covariance matrix based on a set of weightings for each
% row,column
% For example, say you want to blend a set of time series X with known
% covariance V into a set of new time series Y such that
% Y1 = aX1 + bX2 + cX3
% Y2 = dX1 + eX2 + fX3
% Y3 = gX1 + hX2 + iX3
% then the weights would be
% [a b c]
% weights = [d e f]
% [g h i]
% and the covariance of the new time series would be given by Vw.
% V - covWeight(V, eye(size(V))) == 0
% because the weighting is simply the original time series X
% ***** This is VERY computationally expensive *********
Vw = nan(size(V));
inplay = abs(weights) >eps('single');
n_a = size(V,1);
for j=1:n_a
for k=j:n_a
a = weights(j,inplay(j,:));
b = weights(k,inplay(k,:));
tmp = a'*b;
Vs = V(inplay(j,:), inplay(k,:));
Vw(j,k) = tmp(:)'*Vs(:);
% Reflect upper to lower
Vw = triu(Vw,0) + triu(Vw,1)';

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