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Pulley with two hanging masses

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Pin-Hao Cheng
Pin-Hao Cheng on 1 May 2020
Answered: IGNACIO on 28 Apr 2024
Hello all,
I have been trying to simulate the classic physics problem: a pulley with two hanging masses. I am not sure which part did I messed up, but even though I set the weight for the two masses significantly different, the slipping does not occur, and the body just swings left and right, but not one up one down as expected.
I have uploaded my simulink document below. I should also state that I am using gravity in the -Y direction.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Eren Sarioglu
Eren Sarioglu on 23 Aug 2020
I had the same problem, thanks a lot for the feedback !
Pin-Hao Cheng
Pin-Hao Cheng on 25 Aug 2020
Hey Eren, glad I could help! Totally get that feeling when you found someone else is having the same problems with you! :)

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Accepted Answer

Pin-Hao Cheng
Pin-Hao Cheng on 17 Nov 2020
See comment and attachment above.

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IGNACIO on 28 Apr 2024
I've tried the model above, just changed the masses initial position so they are vertically aligned with the pulley ends (see attachment). The behavior is strange:
  • Initial positions are fine, the centers of the masses are aligned with the pulley ends:
  • When starting simulation, the masses start to separate from each other, their frames not aligned with the cords, then they oscillate until a final position where one cord length is zero, an error condition is met, and the simulation is finished:
  • I tried to restrict the movement of the hanging masses by inserting joints (prismatic, etc.) between the belt cable ends and the hanging masses, but in this case I always get some kind of error (singularity, etc.).
Can you please guide me to a solution where the hanging masses can only move vertically, as expected?




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