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Restore Point Fixed-Point Tool

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Matteo Manzini
Matteo Manzini on 30 Apr 2020
Commented: Chen Wu on 5 Feb 2021
Whenever I try to launch the Prepare Action of the Fixed-Point Tool in Simulink it tells me that the restore could not be created.
Of course the model is saved and I actually used it with success until recently.
Any idea or suggestion on how I might resolve the problem?
Thanks in advance,
Matteo Manzini
Chen Wu
Chen Wu on 5 Feb 2021
I have the sam problem. I am using 2020b.

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Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 5 Feb 2021
Hi Matteo,
Refer Use the Fixed-point tool to Prepare a System for Conversion documentation, this issue can arise when
  1. Model has unsaved changes (most common - which you currently don’t have)
  2. Model is in a directory which is not writable.
It is possible that the write permission of the directory might have changed recently, check the directory’s write permission which might solve the issue.
Nevertheless, even if the check fails, the process can continue but just that the model won’t have restore point, so you must be careful not to save the model until the results are as required.

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