How can I log the Bus signal with the "Description" property

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I would like to ask for a help with logging a bus signal in Simulink. I would like to know, how to force Simulink to add the signal description into the logged signal.
I have defined a BusObject and used it in a Simulink model for a Bus signal. I turned on the logging of this signal to log it into file. The signal is logged in the "Timeseries" format. However, when opening the file with the logged signal, there is no "Description" property. When opening the logged signal with the "Simulation Data Inspector", there is the "Description" property of the signal, but it is empty. By the way, I tried to fill the "Description" in the "Simulation Data Inspector", then exporting the changed signal, but after importing it back into the "Simulation Data Inspector", the "Description" previously filled by myself disappeared.
1) Does a logged signal in the "Timeseries" format have a "Description" property?
2) Is there a way to log the bus signal even with the "Description" property defined in the BusObject?
Thank you.

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 14 May 2020
Hi Ondrej,
There seems to be an issue of ‘Description’ property of bus signal not getting logged properly. Concerned teams have been informed and they will be looking in it for future releases.
Hope this helps!




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