Unable to open the requested feature. Check your internet connection and proxy settings in MATLAB Web preferences and then try starting the feature again. Detailed information: Error code: -6 Error message: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

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i can't set up it

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 30 Apr 2020
Hi Shiqi,
This error with the R2020a installer will occur if installer or installation files are located in a directory containing accented or double-byte (e.g. Korean) characters.
The current workaround for this error is to move the installer or installation files to a folder not containing any accented or double-byte characters in it's path. For example. if the MATLAB setup.exe is being run in the following directory:
You can resolve the issue by moving the installer to C:\MATLAB.
Hope this helps!

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Reagan Crosby
Reagan Crosby on 18 Aug 2021
Late comment but I had this same issue and realized it was my VPN that was keeping it from working. I disconnected the VPN connection and it worked.

renwu  xiao
renwu xiao on 24 Jun 2020
you can set your MATLAB as follows

Sijia Wang
Sijia Wang on 5 Oct 2020
Hi Shiqi,
If you use windows, maybe you can put the path, existing matlab.exe, ( i.e., the bin directory of the MATLAB installation path ) into user and system path. Finally restart MATLAB.
Example: if I install in E:\Matlab R2020a, then write E:\Matlab R2020a\bin into system and user path, using ";" to split other path.
Hope it can help you!



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