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Need to loop through 2 vectors of 0's and 1's, if a 1 occurs in vector 1 before vector 2, then i need to use a specific eqn. if vector 2 has a 1 before vector 1, then i need to use a seperate eqn.Each vector is the same size.

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I have two vectors that I am working with. 1) Pre_spiketime 2) post_spiketime. The pre_spiketime is a vector (1, 5000) that is zeros if a neuron does not fire and 1 if the neuron does fire. Each column in this represent a time step. The same for post_spiketime. Basially what I want to do is to write a loop that will say if pre_spiketime is before post_spike time (i.e within 20ms) i will use one equation. If post_spiketime is before pre_spiketime by 20ms, then I use another equation. Can someone explain how I can do this.
I also have made these vectors into time points. so instead of a 1, they represent the time at which they fire as well. I dont know if this would help?

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David Hill
David Hill on 22 Apr 2020
I assume every pre-spike has a corresponding post-spike.
%not sure where you want to go from here
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison on 22 Apr 2020
not necessarily. so when I did find(prespike) I had a vector 1x14
when i did find(postspike) i had a vector of 1x7
this was causing issues for me!
David Hill
David Hill on 22 Apr 2020
for k=a
if ~isempty(b(b>a&b<a+10))%+10? whatever maximum post-spike will occur
%execute what you want

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 22 Apr 2020
Edited: Andrei Bobrov on 22 Apr 2020
Let a - your Pre_spiketime, b - Post_spiketime.
d = a(:) - b(:);
e = d.*[true;diff(d)~=0];
t = e ~= 0;
l = cumsum(t);
out = l;
out(l>0) = 2 - mod(l(l>0),2);
add = 0;
lo = l(1) == 0;
if lo, add = 1; end
out = accumarray(l + add,1);
if lo, out = out(2:end); end


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