Fixed variable range in code translation

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I'm trying to translate in C the following code:
function [merging_flag,frameRGB_3] = merging_function(check,frame,frame_2,frameRGB_2)
%% Initialization
merging_flag = true;
row = check.frame_shift; % type uint16
colum_DL = check.DL_dimension.width; % type uint16
colum_IR = check.IR_dimension.width; % type uint16
Filler_M_DL = zeros([row colum_DL],'uint8');
Filler_M_IR = zeros([row colum_IR],'uint8');
The error occurs when the coder tries to translate Filler_m_DL e Filler_M_DL:
"Computed maximum size exceeds maximum allowed number of elements (134217728). The computed size is [:65535 x :65535]. Please consider enabling dynamic memory allocation to allow unbounded sizes".
Therefore the coder considers the variables row, colum_DL e column_IR (that are scalars) as the can space between 0 and 65535 (maximum representable value with uint16 type) but I know that those values will space between 0 ans 1000.
Is there a way to define this range for the variables and avoid to allow the dynamic memory allocation?

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David Fink
David Fink on 4 May 2020

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