How do you add version information to a DLL compiled with MCC?

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RJ Downer
RJ Downer on 15 Apr 2020
Answered: jt bae on 15 Feb 2022
We have successfully built a dll from MATLAB, and using it with our C++ code. However the version information for the dll is not set (right click, Properties). We want to set the description and version information. We are using a Project file (.prj) within the MATLAB Library Compiler tool.
I have read the threads that are related to this topic, but can't find enough information to make it work. We have an .rc file if that is needed. Can't find a way to get MCC to use the rc file. I have tried adding it in the Compiler tool in Settings dialog, Additional Parameters: -v myproject.rc. I see from the generated log that it recognizes this as a resource file (get lines for RCFILE = myproject.rc and RESFILE = myproject.res). But the building of the resource file doesn't happen. It doesn't seem to know what to do with the rc file.
Using MATLAB 2018a and Visual Studio 2017.
Thanks RJ

Answers (1)

jt bae
jt bae on 15 Feb 2022
from Matlab2019b DLL version is support.
Matlab 2018a refer below.
  1. Make the resource file(*.rc) using Visual studio
  2. edit the version using visual studio.
  3. create *.res file using Command Prompt. ex) rc myProject.rc
  4. include *.res file to Matlab project
  5. and make DLL ex) mcc -I myProject.m myProject.res




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