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Adding Array elements from one element to another

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I have an array that contains all of my power values in dBm from a LoRa signal. I found the 10dB bandwidth (BW) but I want to add the elements from one point in the array to another point.
My array has 1,000,000 elements and I want to add the elements from element 487146 to element 513795 in my array to find the total power im looking for. What advice could you give? I have tried sum but not sure have to implement it in this case


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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 31 Mar 2020
Let A be your array.
iwant = sum(A(487146:513795)) ;

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Charith Ranatunga
Charith Ranatunga on 31 Mar 2020
Sweet thank you, I got it working I just used the 'abs' function cause I got a negative total power value between those elements

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