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Electrical Load Simulation for a House Simulink

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I am looking for some assistance/advice on my simulation. I plan to simulate the electrical energy demand for a typical house over a 24 hour period, I have a fixed voltage source (from a fuel cell, not part of this simulation) 230V AC. In order to match the power demands from the house the current will have to increase or decrease. I have the power data required for a typical house and found how much the current will have to be during each half hourly increment (I=P/V) this has been put into a 1D look up table. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated
Below is what I have so far:
JW on 8 Sep 2020
May i ask if you connect the 1D look up table to the MATLAB function block ?
Im currently simulating for a commercial load but instead of using 1D lookup table, i load the entire spreadsheet as my input to the MATLAB function block. However, im not able to connect the positive and negative terminal of the 230V AC source (as shown in the diagram below). If you're using MATLAB function block, may i know what do you code in MATLAB to do so?
Would appreciat if you could reply.
Nirosh Mathew
Nirosh Mathew on 5 Apr 2024
what are the values for the snubber and load 2? How did you get the values?

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 2 Dec 2022
It looks like you are pretty close. Mostly, you need to add a ground wire to your voltage supply and house so the current can flow.


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