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geographicToIntrinsic is not installed?

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I don't appear to have the function geographicToInstrinsic, despite having the Mapping Toolbox installed:
> ls /Applications/*/geographicToInstrinsic.m
ls: /Applications/*/geographicToInstrinsic.m: No such file or directory
Other mapping toolbox functions are installed. For example:
> ls /Applications/*/geod2iso.m
I also have the same problem on another machine that has MATLAB 2018A.
Should be in both since the docs say "Introduced in R2013b".

Accepted Answer

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 23 Mar 2020
You can find the implementation of 'geographicToIntrinsic' in the following file: matlab\toolbox\map\map\+map\+rasterref\GeographicRasterReference.m
'geographicToIntrinsic' expects it's first argument to be a GeographicCellsReference. Only then you will be able to call this method.
You can run this snippet:
R = georefcells();
This will give you an error, as it can locate the function now under GeographicRasterReference file.
Hope this helps!


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