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Abhilash Sukumari
Abhilash Sukumari on 18 Mar 2020
Answered: RFM on 1 Sep 2020
What are some of the recommended reference books for someone who's career is into and as an Image analyst, Image processing scientist. I have seen one particular person @ImageAnalyst who has contributed so much to this forum. It would be nice if he/she could advise so that it's helpful for others who are into this field.

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RFM on 1 Sep 2020
Although an outdated post, but here are a few recommended books.
  1. The Image Processing Handbook by John C. Russ and F. Brent Neal.
  2. Practical Image and Video Processing using MATLAB by Oge Marques
  3. Digital Image Processing using MATLAB by Rafael C. Gonzales


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