How to centre textboxes on the plot outline?

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Hi, I'm trying to create a plot with a couple of textbox annotations. Ideally, I'd like the text boxes to be centred on the boundary of the white plot area - not relative to the figure space. However, I'm struggling to find a way to easily do this - is there a means of finding these dimensions and not the dimensions of the entire figure? My code is as follows:
%Illustrates wavelength vs period
close all;
Fs = 8000; % samples per second
dt = 1/Fs; % seconds per sample
StopTime = 0.25; % seconds
t = (0:dt:StopTime-dt)'; % seconds
%%Sine wave:
Fc = 4; % hertz
x =sin(2*pi*Fc*t);
% Plot the signal versus time:
str = {'Period','T'};
dim = [0.457785714285714,0.883333333333335,0.127571428571429,0.0952380952381];
annotation('textbox',dim,'String',str,'FitBoxToText','on','Horizontalalignment','center','BackgroundColor', 'w');
str = {'Wavelength','\lambda'};
dim = [0.457785714285714,0.054761904761905,0.127571428571429,0.0952380952381];
annotation('textbox',dim,'String',str,'FitBoxToText','on','Horizontalalignment','center','BackgroundColor', 'w');
hold on;
zoom xon;
I hope what I am trying to achieve is clear from the plot, but as you can see it uses a very convoluted way of achieving a result which still doesn't look right.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Accepted Answer

Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 10 Mar 2020
First, make a handle for your figure:
Next, when you set the dimensions of your textbox, refer back to the ax.Position property:
dim = [(ax.Position(1)+ax.Position(3))/2,(ax.Position(2)+ax.Position(4)-0.0952380952381),0.127571428571429,0.0952380952381];
Here, I make sure the x start point of the box is the x-startpoint of the axes plus width of the axes divided by two (midway), and that the y start point of the box is the y start point of the axes plus the height of the axes, minus the height of the text box. See if you can make the same for the other box :)

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