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Export pde solution out of matlab

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Is there a way to export the pde solution out of matlab. I have solved a electrostatic problem using matlab solvepde. I want to export the solution outside matlab in pvd file format(pvd file format is readable in paraview)
Is it possible ?


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Accepted Answer

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 10 Mar 2020
Hi Lalson,
Solution is availble as a matrix in NodalSolution property of the result object obtained using solvepde. You may need to write a short script that takes NodalSolution, Mesh, (and gradients, if needed) and write a script that writes pvd format file, say using fprintf.

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Lalson Vincent
Lalson Vincent on 11 Mar 2020
Thanks, I will workout a script for exporting data out of matlab.

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