Advice needed on sensorless BLDC model choice

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Hi All,
I need to build a model of my present speed control sensorless BLDC system that uses 6-step commutation. It uses bemf zero crossings for speed measurement.The brief motor specs are it is 6 pole-pair 5V with R~=3 ohms and Lm~= 100uh and runs on a 5V bus. The start current is <1A and the run current is only ~30mA. The PWM frequency is about 30kHz. I'm primarily interested in speed jitter as I am looking for somewhere around 30ppm.
Once I complete the first model I want to build a model for the same motor using sensorless FOC.
Do you advise using simscape or should I stick to straight simulink? (I've never used simscape) Can I view phase bemf voltages using simscape or is that hidden from the user?

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