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How to deal with NaN statistical analysis?

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First block
[cmin, indice_min]=min(IRR(:,4));
min_dia=IRR(indice_min, 1:3);
Second block
[cmean, indice_mean]=mean(IRR(:,4), ('omitnan')); %
mean_dia=IRR(indice_mean, 2:3);
Dear all,
I have been analysing a dataset, whereas I have noticed that for some statistical operations such as "min", "max", and also "mode", there are not problems if datastes contains blank spaces ("NaN"), nonetheless, for "median" as well as "mean" the statistical MATLAB functions present some issues, even if I include in the code 'omitnan'. The structure portrayed at "First Block" works correctly, nevertheless, "Second block" does not work properly presenting some issues. Would you helping me with this?
I hope you can help me to cope with this problem.
Adam on 2 Mar 2020
You didn't tell us what the issues are and we don't have the data to run your code.

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Accepted Answer

Jonas Allgeier
Jonas Allgeier on 2 Mar 2020
Mean only gives you a single output argument, the mean value; so requesting a second output argument will not work.
Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 2 Mar 2020
You have the reason, sorry for it.
Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 2 Mar 2020
However, as I need a day for my analysis with mean value. I prepared this script in order to find that day. In this way I get one day with the exactly characteristics from a mean value.
cmean=mean(IRR(:,4), ('omitnan'));
[row,col]=find(IRR>=(cmean-1)&IRR<=(cmean+1), 1);
mean_dia=IRR(row, 1:3);

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