TextArea ValueChanged Function doesn't work AppDesigner

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Hi everyone !
I have an app that you can see above. When the user use the 'Browse' Button he can choose a .slx file and the name of the file is display in the TextArea. Depending on the chosen file the user has different choices in DropDown's.
What i'm trying to do is when the user push the Browse Button again and chose a different .slx file and so the TextArea value is changing, it reset DropDown's values. The problem is when i simulate that, even if the value of the TextArea change it never goes into the ValueChanged Function. (The TextArea's Editable property is off)
Here is my code :
function ModeleTextAreaValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.ModeleTextArea.Value;
if string(app.ModeleTextArea.Value(1)) == ''
app.DropDown1.Items = cell('');
app.DropDown2.Items = cell('');
app.DropDown3.Items = cell('');
app.DropDown1.Value = cell('');
app.DropDown2.Value = cell('');
app.DropDown3.Value = cell('');
Thanks for helping

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