Write figure/plot to jpeg with Coder support

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kamikatze13 on 19 Feb 2020
Answered: Puru Kathuria on 4 Jan 2021
The script generates a rotated view of a 3D object (surface plot) from data out of a `csv` file (i got around Coder not supporting csvread()).
`print` is ofc not supported by Coder either, so what would be the best course of action, since i need that script translated to C++?
I cannot use Compiler/shared lib approach, because the target doesn't allow for MCR installation.
something akin to
obviously doesn't work

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Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria on 4 Jan 2021
fwrite and fopen seem to be C/C++ code generation compatible as mentioned in the documentation. You can try if these functions complete your requirements.

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