Matrix Division: Getting all 1s for my end result

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Hey guys,
I am trying to do a matrix division by using the A./B function for a 2 large identical sized matrix. However, the end result is a same sized matrix with all 1s, despite both matrix A and matrix A having different values.
I tried creating a 2 small matrix to try out the division, and it works. But it doesn't work for my actual matrix.
Can anyone tell me what is going on?
Guan Zhao
Matt J
Matt J on 12 Oct 2012
Edited: Matt J on 12 Oct 2012
See my answer below. You need to convert A and B to floating point type (they are currently integer type uint8) in order to do floating point math with them.

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Matt J
Matt J on 12 Oct 2012
See if this makes a difference

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