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Taking in 2 array variables, my output variable is a single number rather than an array. Any suggestions to get my output in an array?

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alpha = 30;
theta_1 = 0:360;
omega_1 = 360;
theta_2 = atan(tan(theta_1)/cos(alpha))
omega_2 = sec(theta_1).*sec(theta_1).*omega_1/((sec(theta_2)).*(sec(theta_2)).*cos(alpha))
If I remove the division, omega_2 is an array, but with it omega_2 is a single value and I don't understand why.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answers (1)

Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 13 Feb 2020
I guess you probably want to use the:
A ./ B
operation instead of the straight divide "/".
Also as a recommendation, break up your expression into smaller pieces for easier debugging. e.g.:
numerator = sec(theta_1).*sec(theta_1).*omega_1;
denominator = (sec(theta_2)).*(sec(theta_2)).*cos(alpha);
answer = numerator ./ denominator;
or even finer pieces.


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