Rename excel worksheets based on other file names in a folder

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I have a folder with 23 files named below:
I started with importing the folder in a for loop:
path = 'C:\Users\Documents\MATLAB';
files = dir(fullfile(path, '*.xlsx'));
for k = length(files):-1:1 %import the 23 files
filename = [path filesep files(k).name];
%do something
myfile = 'C:\Users\Downloads\myfile.xlsx';%the excel file with 23 worksheets of data
How do I rename the worksheets in 'myfile' based on the random names in the folder?

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fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 13 Feb 2020
Hello, i think i've dealt with a previous question from you about writing files to different sheets. However, i do not think you can rename the "sheetnames" in Matlab. I advise that this would have been done while writing the files to different excel sheets. Below i have copied part of the code i used in one of the previous questions you asked, but edited some part to show how you can add custom "Sheetnames" during writing of the files to the sheets.
% If "C" is a cell array holding your imported files, and with each having a different name, then create
% a separate array holding your random names you wish to use for the sheets, say "T". As an example:
T={'9-5365_Kr1.4_Fir','2-4534_Op4.6_Sec'}; % A cell array of random sheet names (should have same length as "C")
for k=1:size(C,2)
xlswrite('myfile.xlsx',C{k},T{k}); % with "T{k}", Here you are indexing into the cell array of predefined sheetnames
Melody Lyu
Melody Lyu on 13 Feb 2020
for i=1:size(C,2)
xlswrite('myFile.xlsx',C{i},files1{1,i});% where files has 1x23 cell array for filenames
Got it, thanks!

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