Use From/Goto Block in different model file

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Hello !
I would like to know if there is a way to store many inputs with Goto Blocks in one model file like this :
And use From Blocks in an another model file like this :
The final goal is to use several From Blocks instead of duplicating inputs
Thank you !
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Ankit on 3 Mar 2020
do you mean exchanging informations between two simulink models?

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Accepted Answer

Amit on 4 Mar 2020
Goto and From blocks have a limited scope of visibility, which cannot cross over one model to another.
  • local (default) — From and Goto blocks that use the same tag must be in the same subsystem. A local tag name is enclosed in brackets ([]).
  • scoped From and Goto blocks that use the same tag must be in the same subsystem or at any level in the model hierarchy below the Goto Tag Visibility block that does not entail crossing a nonvirtual subsystem boundary, in other words, the boundary of an atomic, conditionally executed, or function-call subsystem or a model reference. A scoped tag name is enclosed in braces ({}).
  • global From and Goto blocks using the same tag can be anywhere in the model except in locations that span nonvirtual subsystem boundaries.
Lucas S
Lucas S on 4 Mar 2020
Ok thank you ! i will check if a bus can be usefull in my situation

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