divide 3d matrix (840,64,1536) by 1d matrix (1536,1)

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Hello community !
I need help for a simple problem:
I have a matrix A of Dimension (840,64,1536) and a matrix B of dimension (1536,1)
I need to divide each set A(840,64, i ) by the i-th value of B B(i).
I could do a clumpsy for loop, but would like a smarter approach.
Thanky you for your support!

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 7 Feb 2020

More Answers (2)

Adam on 7 Feb 2020
A ./ reshape( B, [1 1 1536] );

Florian Bauer
Florian Bauer on 7 Feb 2020
Both work perfect !

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