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Simulation instablity in simscape physical systems

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I have a push-pull converter model which is formed with simscape physical blocks. For the LC filter inductor I used the magnetic domain blocks as shown in the figure called "inductor" in attachments.
As seen in the figure, I wanted to model a inductor with four seperate windings but using the same core which parameters are included in the "nonlinear reluctance" block.
I run the simulation and it worked fine but,
The problem here is, when i want to see the flux with the "flux sensor" block the results are unstable and changes in each run.
I have attaced the results (results1 and results2). In these two I did not change anything in the simulation just clicked run, took the results, then reclicked the run and took the second results.
You can see the different waveshapes easily.
Apart from this, the results for the rest of simulation do not change. For example in load resistor I see the same voltage every time.
The problem may be caused from the paralel connection of "electro magnetic converter" blocks and the windings voltages (attached) which have 45° of phase difference respectively. But i could not figure out exactly.
I would be very appreciated if someone can help me with this.

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