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Why do i keep getting this error???

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Boss Man
Boss Man on 28 Jan 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
so heres the data file
outdoor = xlsread('outdoorall.xlsx','G2:H52364');
indoor=xlsread('indoorall.xlsx','G2:H52364'); %2397
dt=diff(b(:,2))/0.00138889; % difference in indoor temp divided by time in hrs(=5secs)
c=dt./(b(2:end,2)-a(2:end,2));%diff(a) will be one less than matrix a and b
I get an error that the vectors dont match up. I asked my supervisor this and he said to take a look at diff. I didn't understand as I'm not too good at matlab. I've quoted the time, temperatures correctly.

Answers (1)

Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 28 Jan 2020
It's hard to determine the exact problem with the information you have provided. It would be much better if you had copy and pasted the error message.
My guess is that your code fails at
Because your time vector size is different to your c vector.

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