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how to change compiled app icon (using app designer) on the app and windows taskbar

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Could someone please help me to modify the default icon of MATLAB to custom icons on the compiled app using App Designer on both the app and the windows taskbar?
Please see the red square on the following figure which highlights the icons that I want to replace with custom icons.
thanks a lot!
PierreC on 7 May 2020
Could not find a way to do it either, still stuck with MatLab icon in the title bar and the win taskbar (Win10 as well).
Flying MatLab's colours is all very well but this still sucks : I'd love to be able to use different icons for different pop-ups or windows in my app...
Yang Yang
Yang Yang on 7 May 2020
I'm negative on this and would not waste time digging into this.
My only hope is they would add this feature in one of their next releases.

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Accepted Answer

Roger Dettloff
Roger Dettloff on 29 Apr 2021
Starting in R2020b we can use the UIFigue.Icon property, for example:
UIFigure.Icon = 'myicon.png'
See this answer here

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Feng on 1 Apr 2022
I have MatLab ver 2021b. You can change the default ICON like shown in this picture.
Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 14 Oct 2022
See code attached - put the image in the same folder of the app1.mlapp.
I still don't know how to treat the taskbar icon (Matlab icon). The taskmanager icon is from MatlabWindow.exe (the Matlab Runtime executable file that is called by your standalone app).

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