How can I plot the 3D figure with surface area?

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I am having a problem for 2 months that Ux, Uy & Uz are the matrix of the coordinations.
Such as Ux,Uy & Uz = [ 1 2 3 4 5 ........]
I wanna plot the surface net within the known coordinations of the nodes that likes the uploaded picture as I had tried to use with surf function which is not my expectation.
Anyway, thanks for kindly help.

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Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh on 27 Mar 2020
“mesh”, “surf” functions can be used to generate the surface plot. To get the desired results, make sure that the x, y and z are arranged properly. For more information refer to the below links
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Wai Keung lin
Wai Keung lin on 30 Mar 2020
Thank you Suresh.
The Key is the arrangement of nodal coordinates.

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