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Plotting stacked graphs with diff x-axis together without any gap

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Jae Bang
Jae Bang on 21 Jan 2020
Answered: Meg Noah on 21 Jan 2020
I am trying to plot multiple graphs stacked together sharing one x-axis.
I cannot used stacked plot because they do not have the same x values for each y data points and I don't want to use tiled layout because I want graphs to be stacked gapless. (it's necessary for better visualization since I want to stack 17 of them together)
I also want the tick labels to only show at teh bottom but I haven't even figured out how to stack them properly.
I have:
for i=1:17
csvForPlot=readmatrix( ....);
subplot (n,1,i);
plot(csvForPlot(:,1), csvForPlot(:,2));
for i=1;n
set(ha(i), 'Position', [0.1 n-i+0.1 5 0.9]);
This will plot the graphs stacked but the moment it gets to teh 2nd for-loop for repositioning, only one oversized graph appears. Can somebody please help?
Thank you


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