What is the purpose of shuffling the validation set?

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Cynthia on 17 Jan 2020
Commented: Cynthia on 18 Jan 2020
What is the purpose of shuffling the validation set during training of an artificial neural network? I understand why this makes sense for the training set, so that each minibatch has a different composition every time, but doesn't the ANN evaluate the whole validation set every epoch?

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 18 Jan 2020
To impose and verify a consistent GENERALIZED path to convergence by avoiding repetitive anomalies.
Hope this helps
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Cynthia on 18 Jan 2020
I'm sorry, but I think I am asking a different question than the one you are answering. It is my fault for being unclear. At the most basic level, I need to understand which validation set it is that is being shuffled. Is it the one I specify in trainingOptions? Or is it a validation set that is invisible to me, made from the training set?

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