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Delayed step/ impulse response

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Daniel Stankowski
Daniel Stankowski on 14 Jan 2020
Commented: Daniel Stankowski on 16 Jan 2020
Hi everyone,
I would like to plot an impulse and step response of some arbitrary system sys1.
Normally I would use just a command impulse(sys1,t) or step(sys1,t) however the signals in my case are delayed.
1) The impulse is represented as: diract(t-5)
2) step is represeneted as: 1(t)-2*1(t)(t-tsw)
I know some people use an exponential function for it, but I am unsure why and how,
I would greatly appreciate any help


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Raj on 14 Jan 2020
You have your system model and input signals equation. You can just generate your input signals and get the system response for those signals using lsim command.

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Daniel Stankowski
Daniel Stankowski on 16 Jan 2020
Thanks for help but impulse as well as step does not work well with lsim.
I have solved the problem by using pure delay element.
So to plot impulse represented as diract(t-20) i did the folowing
where Tf is a closed loop transfer function of mine.
Thanks anyway!

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