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How do I get only the HR out of this .csv

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Tristan Hartner
Tristan Hartner on 12 Jan 2020
Answered: Meg Noah on 12 Jan 2020
I am trying read this file into Matlab and plot the Heartrate.
I am pretty confused what type of command I should use
Thanks for your Help!

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Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 12 Jan 2020
If you post the file, or at least the first 20 lines or so, it would be easier to say which command is best to use. Generally, the command I would use is readtable, but I might edit the first lines to get a good header line before reading it. This is a good way to get an indication about how well readtable can pars your data:
opts = detectImportOptions('myCsvfile1.csv');
For a csv with a single header line:
% read everything into a table
t1 = readtable('myCsvfile1.csv');
% select the data you want
t1 = t1.Var3;
For a csv file with an extra header line before the variable name header:
t2 = readtable('myCsvfile2.csv', 'HeaderLines',1);
t2 = t2.Var3;

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