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How to not plot a single file in a directory?

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Hi I am wanting to compare every file in a directory with one specific file in the same directory for a closest match, say compare file a,b,c with file x. I import the data of file x first, with
targetfilename = 'x.txt';
matchT = readtable(targetfilename,'Delimiter',' ','ReadVariableNames',false,'Format','%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f', 'HeaderLines', 6);
And then import each file a,b,c in turn after doing some work on each data, like:
txtfiles = dir('*.txt');
for file = txtfiles'
filename =;
T = readtable(filename,'Delimiter',' ','ReadVariableNames',false,'Format','%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f', 'HeaderLines', 6);
S21complex = complex(T.Var4, T.Var5);
%doing a comparison here with file x
So I first compare x with a, then x with b, etc... However, file x is still in the same directory, the above code will compare x with x, and find it to be the closest match. I tried using something like
if filename ~= targetfilename
after the 'for' line, but the length of the real names of x and a,b,c do not match.
Is there a convenient way to exclude a particular file from my second block of code? If it helps, my targetfilename will always start with a letter, whilst a,b,c will always start with a number. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Stephane Dauvillier
Stephane Dauvillier on 10 Jan 2020
You can use the function setdiff to remove one value from a set of values:
f = dir;
names = setdiff({},"myfileIDontWantToProceed")

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